College of Architecture & Engineering, CAE
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Located at the Main Campus, the College of Architecture and Engineering has played a key role in the development of the nation and region both infrastracturally and economically.  Students from most of the countries in the region have received training here and have applied their knowledge to solving practical problems for government departments and agencies, local authorities and private sector organizations.

The college comprises of three Schools and one Institute namely:

  • School of Engineering
  • School of the Built Environment
  • School of the Arts and Design
  • Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology.

The School of Engineering, which was started under the Royal Technical College, has provided quality engineering education since 1956.  Students were admitted from the whole of East African region until the demise of the East African Community.  The School of Engineering has five Departments.  The School  of the Built Environment which has three departments and School of the Arts & Design embrace a diversity of subjects, the common theme running through these subjects is the exercise of human control over man’s physical environment.  Under the auspices of the then University College, Nairobi, the Schools were separated from the Faculty of Arts in 1967.

As stated above the School of the Built Environment has three Departments namely: Architecture and Building Science, Real Estate and Construction Management, and Urban and Regional Planning

The College based library is situated at the School of the Built Environment, and in addition, the College offers Counseling services and provides sporting facilities to both students and staff.

In addition to the three schools the College has the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, which primarily offers postgraduate training and consultancy services.  It began in 1979 as Centre for Nuclear Science Techniques within the Faculty of Engineering and currently offers the Master of Science and Doctoral Studies in Nuclear Science.  It also provides a wide range of consultancy services in areas such as air pollution, monitoring, material analysis, radiation measurement, repair and maintenance of scientific instruments and computer assembly.

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