Special Students Advisor
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The office of the Special Students Advisor was created in 1992 in the aftermath of the structural adjustment programme imposed by the Bretton Woods institutions. Specifically, it required the Kenyan government to introduce cost sharing in the education sector. Consequently, university students were required to pay fees for the first time in the history of higher education in Kenya.

This caused considerable disquiet among the students and their parents in particular, students from poor families faced the danger of being locked out of the higher education in the event, the government undertook to provide a safety net in form of loans and bursaries to them. For this purpose, University of Nairobi found it necessary to establishan office that would identify such cases. But over the years, the original mandate  of the office has been expanded to include providing advisory services in academic, financial and social issues. For example, it liaises with the Higher Education Loans Board on behalf of the students. The more desperate cases are enrolled in the work-study programme where they earn a bit of money for paying fees. While the others are given an opportunity of running business premises within the university.

For more information and Latest News in the Special Students Advisor please visit the website: http://studentsadvisor.uonbi.ac.ke