Student Affairs Division
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The Student Affairs Division was established in 2010 to co-ordinate, guide and give firm leadership to all units that provide services for our students.  This Division brings under one roof the office of the Dean of Students, Students Welfare  Authority(SWA), Sports and Games and the University Health Services (UHS).  The Division therefore is focused on helping students succeed academically and socially and also encourage them to interact and connect with the rest of the University Community as we prepare them for life after studying at this University.

All the students have at their disposal, the office of the Dean of Students where services include orientation, counseling and work placement for recent graduates and continuing students.  We have an active and vibrant Sports and Games Department where we train competitive sportsmen and women who contribute to the impressive sports image of this University and the country, while the Students Welfare Authority (SWA) ensures the proper management of catering and residential services for students.  The University Health Services (UHS) provides a comparable healthcare system that ensures curative, preventive and rehabilitative services for our students. 

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