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The 8th Pan-African Reading for All Conference will be held between 12th and 16th August 2013 at Kenya Science Campus, University of Nairobi.

The Theme of the Conference is:”Literacy for All: Leading the          way to literacy excellence”. Prof. H.Mutoro, Deputy Vice-Chancellor(AA) is playing a key advisory role for the success of the Conference.

The purpose of the Pan-African Reading for All Conference is to develop ways of translating “Education for All” into “Reading for All”. The Pan-African Reading for All Conference has become an important literacy event on the African continent. It provides a platform for policy makes in governmental and donor community to interface with literacy professional, and researchers at all levels to share vital knowledge and information on appropriate ways and strategies of delivering literacy and reading skills to all communities.

In the seven countries: South Africa (1999);Nigeria (2001);Uganda (2003); Swaziland(2005);Ghana(2007);Tanzania(2009) and Botswana(2011) where the conference has been held, positive developments have been registered. These include growth and development of community libraries, adult literacy classes, children’s reading tents, emergence of reading and writing clubs in schools/communities and positive policy pronouncements in favour of the book sector and publishing industry.