Staff in the Academic Division undertake various aspects of the University’s academic programmes administration and management, which include providing information to prospective students on admissions, overseeing academic management policies are adhered to, organizing examinations and maintaining student records.

The Division has over 80 members of staff. Some are located in the Central Administration offices at the Main Campus, while others are at the Central Examinations Center in Chiromo Campus and University of Nairobi Towers

The Division consists of the following Sections:

  • Academic Registrar’s Office
  • Academic ICT
  • Admissions Section
  • Examination Section
  • General Student Affairs
  • Office of DVC AA
  • Student Records and statistics
  • The Deans/Senate Secretariat


  • Works under the guidance of the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs).

  • Secretary to the following Committees of Council and Senate:

  • Honorary Degrees Committee

  • Senate Sub-Committees
  • Deans Committee
  • Sub-Committees of Deans Committee

  • Library and Bookshop Committees

  • Students Disciplinary Committee

  • University Admission Board
  • Convocation
  • Bursary Committee
  • In consultation with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) initiates changes and influences developments in administrative matters which affect academic programmes and activities, Examines proposals from Departments and Faculties/Schools on new degree courses and new subjects of study submitted to the Academic Registrar's office for onward transmission to Senate.

  • Liaises with and assists the Departments and Faculties/Schools in the preparation and implementation of regulations and syllabi as approved by Senate.

  • Liaises with and assists the Graduate School in the preparation and implementation of regulations and syllabi as approved by Senate.

  • Liaises with donor agencies for provision of undergraduate and postgraduate Scholarships/Fellowships.

  • Keeps records of all students admitted to the University of Nairobi.

  • Ensures that the HELB University Loan Scheme is properly administered.

  • Is the custodian of academic rules and regulations, practices and norms.

  • Is the custodian of all students’ Academic Transcripts and Certificates.

  • From time to time initiates proposals on generating student fee income and the review of students’ fees.

  • Develop strategy for the University on student recruitment including widening participation, student international experience, student progress, graduation, academic quality, standards and employability.

  • Ensure that critical academic processes are sustained to meet statutory and contractual requirements, and that the University’s academic regulatory framework is fit for purpose and compliant with external agency requirements (e.g. CUE,CLE, HELB, KUCCPS and other government agencies).

  • As a member of the University Executive Board team, contribute to the strategic management and development of the University.

  • Working with the University’s Financial Resourcing Division to ensure that the allocation of resources promotes and enables the University’s strategic academic objectives, and that there are effective controls in place to support prudent financial and strategic management of academic resources.

  • Develop proactive relationships with relevant external stakeholders and monitor developments in best practice within the HE sector ensuring that creative solutions are incorporated into strategies/policies/ procedures in the academic process.

  • Any other duties and responsibilities appropriate and commensurate with the Office of Academic Registrar.


Over Sight of Sections

   Monthly Section Heads Monitoring Meetings

   Quarterly Section meetings

    Quarterly submission of Section Reports on:

  • Staffing
  • Mandate and Target
  • Performance Contract
  • Website
  • Corruption Prevention
  • Customer Complaints and Resolution
  • Customer Care
  • Training

Standing Functions

  • Typing reports on elected Deans for submission to the Vice-Chancellor for approval

  • Handling Inter-University

  • Making preparations for elections of Deans of Faculties/Schools

  • Informing relevant officers on election of a Dean

  • Preparations for graduation ceremonies

  • Preparations for Honorary Degrees Committee meetings

  • Preparations for Higher Doctorate Committee meetings

          Regular  Functions

  • Giving career talks to secondary school students.

  • Offering career guidance

  • Announcement of reporting dates/ supplementary examinations/Graduation ceremonies

  • Requesting for charges for disciplinary cases

  • Forwarding the charges to relevant officers requesting them to constitute disciplinary committees for the students to be heard and cases determined

  • Filling

  • Custodian of student disciplinary files (Academic grounds)

  • Handle student’s issues in relation to selection of careers and degree choices.

  • Receiving and forwarding correspondences for the next course of action.

  • Typing minutes