General Student Affairs


The functions are to:-

  1. To plan, organize and manage the provision of academic and social counseling, career, work study programmes and sports (both within and outside the University) accommodation, catering, community service, recreation, health, security and other student affairs.
  2. To develop and implement programs (e.g. leadership training) that support students educational experience and wholesome life;
  3. To advise and guide student organization and mentor students in their development of leadership, moral reasoning, social intelligence and other skills required in their lives; and
  4. To develop mechanisms to anticipate and promptly, efficiently and effectively respond to student needs.

The office is located at 15th floor, UoN Towers Voip 3166/3165/3162 or 020 49113166/0204913165.

The staff members are:-

       Name                                       Payroll No.

  1. Jane Nyaguthi Kahora             21936
  2. Lornah Mose                           208390
  3. Hellen Oduor                           217800
  4. Marcella Mabeya                     201260