Functions of the Deans/Senate Secretariat
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The Secretariat handles the following:

  • Providing secretarial services to the University Senate and Deans Committee which includes:
    • Issue of notices for meetings
    • Preparation of agenda
    • Recording minutes at meetings
    • Follow-up with relevant officials for implementation of decisions
    • Organizing meetings for sub-committees and writing reports

                                Staff at work in the Students Registry

  • Co-coordinating the accreditation of various institutions seeking to offer University of Nairobi programmes which includes:
    • Providing application guidelines
    • Receiving applications
    • Organizing committee meetings
    • Co-ordinating inspection visits
    • Drafting accreditation visit reports
    • Co-coordinating review visits
  • Managing Staff Education Support Fund (SESF) which includes:
    • Facilitating the issuance of application notice
    • Circulation of the relevant application details
    • Issue and receipt of application forms
    • Co-ordination and editing of SESF data analysis
    • Verification of all applications
    • Issue of award letters
  • Managing the Students Registry
  • Co-coordinating Inaugural Lectures and Gandhi Memorial Lectures
  • Co-coordinating the University Exhibition Committee
  • Managing the Transfer of Credits and Exemptions process.
  • Managing equation of Academic Qualifications through the Kenya National Examinations Council and Commission for Higher Education.        
  • Provision of advisory services to the following:
    • Newly elected Deans/Directors on their functions as they relate to the Academic Division
    • Newly elected SONU Representatives to Senate
  • Preparation of Academic Division Reports for submission to the University Council.
  • Coordination of Performance Contract documents and reports for the Academic Division.
  • Processing the Appointments of Visiting Lecturers and Research Associates through the Deans Committee.
  • Processing the approval of Inter-Intra Faculty/School transfers for Module II.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (AA) and Academic Registrar.