Services Automation
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For the last decade or so, The Academic Division has remained committed to the improvement of services it renders the primary customer of the University – the student, through computerization and ultimately automation. Automation  of services means an approach where the student is provided service through interaction with ICT techology via a computer whether this be a mobile phone or a standard computer. These services include

  • Management of the admission process
  • Registration of students
  • course registration
  • Processing of examinations
  • Access to individual students' record status
  • Fees payment
  • Student identification card processing

This explains why the division is the source of inspiration for and a main stakeholder of the Students Management Information System (SMIS) a key element of the University’s portfolio of MIS applications. It is the intention of the Division to ensure that students will in future access necessary services with minimal human involvement. The approach is to provide services on-line. In this direction, systems with alluring web interfaces are popular with students. These together with the website include: