Staff, Central Examinations Centre
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If you pay a visit to the Central Examinations Centre, depending on the service you seek, you will be served by one or more of the people appearing here.



Dr. Adelaide M. Mbithi (PhD)

Head of The Central Examinations Centre & Deputy Registrar Examinations

Mr.Evanson Mwinzi Mbuva Senior Assistant Registrar

Ms. Esther Ogoro Examinations Officer
Mrs. AnnMaria Mahaga Assistant Registrar

Ms.Caroline Chebet

 ICT Manager

Mrs. Patricia Ngugi Senior Administrative Assistant


Mr.Benedict M. Kiambi

Office Manager

Ms.Hellen W. Karanja

Senior Assistant Executive Secretary

Ms. Caroline A. Buluma

Assistant Executive Secretary

Mrs. Jennipher Odhiambo

Senior Secretary

Ms. Beatrice Luvaha

Senior Secretary

Susan W. Mwangi

Senior Secretary

Ms.Dianarose  Ivati

Senior Secretary

Ms.Jane Macharia

Assistant Secretary

Ms. Emily Imbigu Assistant Executive Secretary

Ms. Virginia S. Musembi

Records Clerk

Ms. Julie M. Kyalo Administartive Assistant
Ms. Sahra Y.Duale Administrative Assistant
Mr. Joshua Karani Examinations Clerk
Ms. Omutere Beatrice Examinations Clerk
Ms. Nancy N. Naliaka Receptionist
Ms. Polly Gakii Rwigi Assistant Secretary
Ms. Tabitha w. Gichaga Assistant Secretary
Ms. Caroline J Kangongo Examinations Clerk
Ms Wendy A.A. Oburu Receptionist
Ms. Roseline M.Ngela Examinations Clerk

Mr.Zachary Kanyi

Records Clerk

Ms. Dinah K. Nyagah

Machine Operator

Mr.Charles Mariita

Machine Operator

Mr.Japheth B. Wangwe

Office Assistant

Ms. Margaret Moraa Mogaka


Mr.Edward Mwanza Muthangya


Mr. Charles K. Mutune

Environment Maintenance

Ms. Marcella Mabeya

Environment Maintenance

Mr. Boniface Mwania

Environment Maintenance

Mr. Meshack Wamalwa

Environment Maintenance

Ms. Elizabeth Gitahi

Environment Maintenance

Ms. Christine Dede

Environment Maintenance