Staff Mentorship and Support

1. Staff Montorship

As Academic Division we have good systems for staff Mentorship.This is where Head of Sections mentor Members of Staff working under them.

2. Staff Training

There is continuous staff Training to ensure staff members are familiar with the systems and are able to work both virtually and from the office.There is also staff assesment to address Individual needs.

3. One on One Mentorship

There is one on one mentorship for staff who have been identified to have problems that need to be addressed and where need be, they are referred to professionals to deal with underlying conditions that have been identified through counselling.

4. Provide Support

In an event where a member of staff has a problem or is bereaved or has given birth, members of staff come together and pay them a a visit to provide support that may be needed to help them to cope with the challenge.

5. Welfare Support

Staff are encouraged to join cooperative societies, family welfare groups and social security support system like NSSF and Pension Schemes to assist them when they need support.

6. Chuna Sacco

The Society is established to organize and promote the welfare and economic interests of its members in accordance with the Co-operative values and principles. Co-operatives are based on the values of self-help, mutual responsibility, equality and equity. They practice honesty, openness and social responsibility in all their activities. The Society shall reflect these values by applying the following Co-operative principles as general guidelines in its activities. For more information

6. Employees Support

Members of staff as part of their rights are allowed to join unions like KUSU,UASU to handle their employment welfare needs.


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