The Chandaria Centre for Performing Arts

Located on the 6th floor of the University of Nairobi Towers is the state of the art Chandaria Centre for Performing Arts. The facility can hold up to 500 delegates. The venue comes equipped with a public address system, an overhead projector and projector screen.

                                                                    Conference Hall

The conference package also includes a lavish and open space on 5th  floor, perfect for fine dining. Other add-ons include a furnished VIP holding room, press room and secretariat room.  There are adequate amenities such as parking and security.
Conference rate is Kshs. 300,000 (VAT exclusive) per day.

                                                                              Taifa Hall

Taifa  Hall  is  famous  for  its  rich  history;  great  leaders  have  given  speeches  and  public lectures. Taifa Hall’s history of intellectual debates dates back to close to 40 years ago. Located at the Main Campus, the newly refurbished Taifa Hall can hold up to 640 people.

                                                                               Board Room

Board Room

                                                                           Examination Room

The Examination room  located  at Examination centre Chiromo Campus,can host 300 students.

                                                                        Examination Centre

Established in January 2009, the examinations function of the University is housed at the Central Examination Centre, Chiromo Campus of the University of Nairobi.Its mandate is the management of examinations and administration of related activities. The unit has ample space for its operations at the Central Examinations Centre building. 

                                                                         Arziki Restaurant

The Arziki Restaurant offers amazing catering services. The array of Arziki provides Kenyan foods at competitive prices. The restaurant offers menus that are tailored to clients’preference including the perfect cocktail.


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