Academic ICT



The Academic ICT section is service delivery oriented unit divided into three subsections namely Automation, Infrastructure and Support as well as Communication. The section offers ICT services to all other sections within the Academic division and it subscribes to the university’s service delivery charter.

 The section’s main functions are as listed below.

  • Infrastructure, Hardware and Network Support, Specifically Maintenance of ICT infrastructure, equipment and network
  • Updating of software in use such as Antivirus and Operating systems
  • Coordination and undertaking of staff training on corporate systems as well as online solutions
  • Facilitation and support of virtual events.
  • Website: Continually retrieve and upload appropriate webometric content
  • Social Media: Maintain continual flow of appropriate information on social media platforms
  • Stakeholder Information: Respond to all online enquires.
  • Automation: Carry out system analysis in determining requirements in the automation of processes in the academic division.

 Staff Members

Caroline Chebet

Chebet holds Msc Computer science with over 10 years of experience. Her area of specialization include databases and website design and management She is the ICT section head who is in charge of automation and examination ICT related matters.

Eliud Ayiro

Mr Ayiro  holds  Msc Distributed Computing Technology whose domain is hardware and network infrastructure.

Stacy Rutto

Ms. Stacy holds a degree in Business Information Technology. Her responsibilities  revolve around communication on the departments website

Paul Maina

Mr Maina holds Bsc Computer Science and is seconded at the examination centre where he handles automation, hardware as well as software related issues.

Robert Weru

Mr. Weru holds Bsc Computer Science whose domain is hardware support and software with an inclination to quality audit issues.

Ann Guandaru

Ms Guandaru who holds  MA in Strategic Management and Bachelor Business Information Technology is positioned in the DVC AA’s office whose domain is software support and communication.