The University of Nairobi conducted a two day inhouse training for all chairmen of departments on 5th and 6th January, 2023 at the KCB Leadership Centre in Karen. 

Speaking during the official opening of the training, the VC urged chairs of departments to take their responsibilities seriously. ''You must keep the fire burning and ensure that every staff in your department contribute to the proper functioning of the University. Let the fire burn but ensure you don't choke people with smoke. Poor leadership is like bad smoke. It chokes people and makes them shed tears,'' said the VC.

He noted that Chairs of departments are people who are qualified enough to run a university and therefore should be able to provide effective leadership in both academic and research functions  in their departments. 

The VC further asked the chairpersons  to ensure that the University is visible and relevant to the community in order to stay vibrant and sustainable.

The training was organized to align the chairs to the new operating  environment. The training covered all areas of operations including academics, research and campus services. 

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