Call for manuscripts - Kenya Policy Briefs journal

Prof. Madara Ogot is inviting faculty members to submit manuscripts for the Kenya Policy Briefs journal for the editions of September 2020 and January 2021. The Kenya Policy Briefs journal is published three times a year (January, May & September) by the University of Nairobi and is available both online and in hard copy. An estimated 800 copies of each issue are printed and circulated to all Kenya legislators, Cabinet Secretaries, Chief Administrative Secretaries, and Principal Secretaries in all Ministries as well as Chairs and CEOs of all parastatals. The journal, therefore, provides a suitable platform for researchers worldwide carrying out research impacting on policy-formulation in Kenya to directly publicize their research findings and policy recommendations to the right audience.

Preparations for the 3rd Annual Research Week 2020 ongoing – Prof. Madara Ogot

Professor Madara Ogot has announced that preparations for the 3rd Annual Research Week 2020 are now in full swing, featuring 13 conferences covering nearly all disciplines in the University. Research Week 2020 is the 3rd Annual event that will be hosted by the University of Nairobi on October 12-16, 2020.  The conferences provide a forum to enable researchers to present their work, engage with their colleagues, and learn about the latest developments in their field. 

Call for academic articles from the UoN faculty staff members

Prof. Madara Ogot is calling on faculty members of staff at the University of Nairobi to write academic articles for publishing in the Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) Blog. The Office of RIE created the Blog,,  as an avenue for University Faculty to publish insightful articles with a focus on the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, Prof. Ogot is now calling for articles covering ALL topics and subject areas of interest to the public. He welcomed the faculty to leverage on their academic expertise and experience but present the articles at the level of the general reader.