More Services of Academic Division

  • Deferment

If a applicant has a reason for not taking up his or her place in the University upon admission, he or she may elect to put-off the opportunity for a time. The applicant will be required to inform the Academic Registrar by either filling in Form J1/1B of the joining instructions or writing directly to the Academic Registrar.  This information should reach the Academic Registrar at least one week prior to the date of registration.  An applicant will be required to apply to defer admission on an annual basis but after the second year the offer of admission will lapse and the applicant will be required to re-apply afresh for admission.  It is important that an applicant who defers admission ensures that he or she receives an official letter of deferment of admission from the Academic Registrar.  An applicant who fails to inform the Academic Registrar of his/her deferment of admission will be deemed to have forfeited his/her position and will be deregistered from the course admitted to.

  • Readmission

This applies for an applicant who has deferred his or her admission and now intends to take it up. The applicant should apply to the Academic Registrar through the Dean of the School or Faculty or the Director of the Institute.

  • Temporary withdrawal

This applies for a continuing student who is faced with a situation that necessitates putting off studies for a time before returning. The procedure is to make a request in writing to the Academic Registrar through the Dean. To return, the student is required to make a request following similar procedure.

  • Correction of Particulars

This means applying amendments to items such as name, marital status, level of study and other particulars of a student. The procedure is to complete the correction form for approval by the Registrar. Currently this service is provided is done by the Cost Sharing Section with offices on the 2nd Floor of the 844 Building at the main campus.

  • Preparation of Nominal Roll

The Nominal roll is the register of the students present in the University. Its preparation is done for the first year and students are expected to sign it. For other levels, the Schools, Faculties and Institutes submit the signed class lists. These are use for compilation of the roll.

  • Inter Faculty/School Transfers

Government Sponsored students Inter-faculty transfers are processed within the first three weeks of the first semester. A student wishing to transfer will be required to complete the Inter-faculty Transfer Application Form available on-line upon payment of Ksh.1000/= at the Student Finance Office (Room G2).

Self Sponsored students apply for Inter-faculty transfer by writing through the Deans/Director of the source and intended Destination School, Faculty and Institute to the Academic Registrar.

Students should note that transfers are only offered on two conditions; if

  1. There is a vacant place in the intended destination School, Faculty and Institute
  2. The student meets the requisite admission criteria for the particular course

In addition, merit is used as criteria for transfer and that all applicants to a particular course will be ranked and allocated the vacant position on merit.  Students who will have succeeded in their application for transfer will receive an official letter of transfer from the Academic Registrar and will be expected to report and register in their new courses by the fourth week of the semester at the latest. It is important for students to note that all inter-faculty transfers are subject to approval by the Deans Committee and that once the transfers have been approved the exercise is closed and no late applications or appeals are considered.

  • Secretariat for Annual Academic Calendar/Timetable Preparation

The Office of the Academic Registrar serves as the Secretariat for Annual Academic calendar. The calendar of academic dates is prepared once before the commencement of every academic year by the committee. This is them approved by the Senate and the various stake holders are notified.

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is an important organization in the life of the students who have loans and bursaries. In order to it to disburse on time the finances for beneficiary students, it is notified by the Office of the Academic Registrar of the semester dates for various Schools, Faculties and Institutes, field attachment dates and fourth term dates.

  • Preparation of Statistical Summaries

For management decisions and related purposes, frequents situations arise in which reports in the form of statistical summaries on students and other data are required. The Office of the Academic Registrar through the Cost Sharing Section prepares these.

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