Established to be a custodian of quality, QA unit is responsible for, among others,

  • To Operationalize and monitor QA system and activities in the entire university;
  • Provide technical support to the academic units on quality aspects and ensure compliance to all QA standards and guidelines;
  • Constantly update QA processes to match the changing needs of the global society;
  • Develop and monitor the implementation of the QA system;
  • Share best practices with relevant stakeholders through research undertakings and benchmarking;
  • Promote quality culture among key stakeholders such as staff and students;
  • Build capacity on QA aspects especially among staff and students.
  • Develop and implement:
  • Policies and procedures for internal QA;
  • Mechanisms for periodic review;
  • Systems for academic audits;
  • Academic resources and facility assessments;
  • Frameworks for self-assessments;
  • System for peer review audits;
  • System for student assessments;
  • Quality assurance management information system (QAMIS).
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