1. Graduating students forward a duly signed PDF version of their Dissertation/Theses/Project alongside other mandatory documents to their respective Deans.
  2. Dean confirms that the above documents meet the expected requirements and forward the same to the Graduate Studies Secretariat for verification for graduation.
  3. Graduate Studies Secretariat forwards to the Library the above documents (No.1) for printing & binding through for purposes of reference in the respective departments, Libraries and archiving in the repository.
  4. The Library Bindery raises invoices and emails to the students to pay for printing and binding services. Printing and Binding Charges are:
  • Four (4) copies for PhD theses @Kshs.3,000.00 per copy totalling to Kshs.12,000.00
  • Four (4) copies for Masters by Thesis  @Kshs.1,950 per copy totalling  to Kshs.7.800.00
  • Two (2) copies for Postgraduate diploma and Masters by projects/dissertation @Kshs.1,450.00 per copy totalling  to Kshs.2,900.00

Kindly note that all bound copies shall be retained by the University.  Any student who requires an extra copy or copies can place a request to the Library after paying for printing and binding charges.

  1. Payment shall be done through either of the following modes:-
  • LIPA NA MPESA mode. Students using this mode should ensure they use their personal MPESA account and pay by “Buy goods & service” – Till Number 807313.
  • Deposit to Absa Bank. Account Name:  UNES Corporate Account; Branch: Westland Branch; Account Number: 0732255303. Narrative should be the name of the student’s and their Registration Number. 
  1. Student Scans and forwards a copy of the payment evidence to
  2. Bindery confirms payment, clears students for binding services, forwards scanned copies of the clearance form and payment receipt to Graduate Studies Secretariat, Dean and the Student.
  3. The Dean initiates the clearance of the student for him/her to seek clearance from various departments.

NB: Original receipts can be collected from Library bindery at Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library (JKML) Main Campus after clearance as per No.8 above.