1. Candidates must acquaint themselves with the seating plan before entering the examination room. The seating plan will be displayed outside the examination room at least one hour before the examination starts.

2. Candidates will be admitted to the examination room five minutes before the examination starts. The question papers will be placed upside down on the desks before they enter the examination room. Candidates must not turn over the question papers until the chief invigilator announces so.

3. During the five minutes, the chief invigilator will make the following announcements relating to the examinations:-

i. Announce that any unauthorised materials should be handed over to the Chief Invigilator before the candidates take their seats.

ii. Candidates should ensure that they write their registration numbers, title and course code for each paper on the answer books, including the continuation sheets.

iii. Candidates should acquaint themselves with the instructions on the front page of the answer book and fill the required details as indicated.

iv. Draw attention of candidates to the rubrics on the question papers, including the time allowed for answering the paper.

v. On turning over the question papers, candidates should ensure that they are in possession of the correct question paper.

vi. On turning over the question papers, candidates should check and ensure that they have all the pages comprising the question paper.

vii. Announce when the candidates should start writing.

viii. Draw the attention of candidates to the seriousness of cheating in the examination. In this context, cheating includes trying to copy or making references to unauthorised material in the examination room, glancing at other candidates answers with a view to copying their answers, communicating with other candidates either verbally or through other means while writing the examinations, or use of mobile phones and other electronic devices to answer questions etc. 

4. Candidates without examination cards authorising them to sit for examinations in the registered courses will not be allowed to take for the examinations. Each candidate is therefore required to download (from the students’ portal) and carry with him/her to the examination room, his/her examination card for each paper he/she is taking.

5. To avoid being accused of cheating in the examinations nothing should be scribbled on the examination cards.

6. To assist the Invigilators in taking the roll for those present and absent from the examinations, the examination cards should be conspicuously placed on the desks.

7. No books, bags, notes, rough papers, mobile phones or other electronic devices and any other paraphernalia should be taken by candidates to the examination rooms. Candidates are not allowed to bring their log tables in the examination rooms instead they will be provided with official log tables in the examination rooms.

8. Invigilators shall have the power to confiscate any unauthorised materials or aid brought to the examination room, and to expel from the examination room, any candidate who creates disturbance in the examination room. The Invigilators shall report to the examinations officer, any case of a candidate suspected of giving or obtaining unauthorised assistance, or of attempting to do so and the examinations officer shall have the power to take any further steps he/she may consider necessary including reporting the matter to the Vice- Chancellor.

9. No candidate will be permitted to enter the examination room after the lapse of thirty minutes from the commencement of the examination. Similarly, no candidate will be permitted to leave the examination room until thirty minutes will have expired from the start of the examinations.

10.No candidate will be permitted to leave the examination, except in a case of emergency.

11.At the end of the examination, and on instructions from the Chief Invigilator, candidates must stop writing and assemble their scripts. The scripts should be left on the desks, unless instructed otherwise.

12.Smoking is not allowed in the examination room.



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