DVC AA, Prof. Julius Ogeng'o
DVC AA, Prof. Julius Ogeng'o


Welcome to the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs at the University of Nairobi. The Academic Division is one of the three top functional organs of the University of Nairobi headed by Deputy Vice Chancellors.

The Academic Division strives to meet all the demands of our internal and external customers to their satisfaction. Over the years, the Academic Division has continued to be the driving force in the efficient and effective management of academic programmes. Our emphasis has been on market driven programmes and involvement of all stakeholders in development of new programmes. Our focus is to ensure the University of Nairobi remains a world-class University committed to scholarly excellence.

In the process of providing leadership in high-level manpower training, the Academic Division has a crucial role in meeting the dynamic needs of various players in the academic arena.  Our commitment is in: “Promoting Excellence in Academic Programmes Management”.

As per the Charter and Statutes of the University of Nairobi, the duties and responsibilities of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) shall be:

  • Preparation of syllabus and regulations;
  • Co-ordination of examinations;
  • Coordinating undergraduate and postgraduate studies;
  • Co-ordination of admissions;
  • Academic staff training;
  • Shall be the Chairman of the Lectureship Appointments Committee;
  • Shall be the Chairman of the Senior Lectureship Appointments Committee;
  • Shall be in the absence of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Human Resource and Administration) or on account of other exigencies of service, Chairman of the Appointments Committee indicated under Statute VB, 5(i) and 5(ii);
  • Perform any other functions pertaining to Academic Affairs; and
  • Carry out other duties and responsibilities as may be delegated by the Vice-Chancellor.

Management Information Systems Services

  • Staff Performance Appraisal System (SPAS)
  • Online Leave System
  • Performance Contract Management Information System (PCMIS)
  • E-Procurement Management Information System (EPMIS)


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