The mandate of the Directorate of Quality Assurance is to coordinate Quality assurance, Quality Control and Quality enhancement activities and ensure compliance of University processes to Regulatory and statutory Authorities.

The objectives of the Directorate of Quality Assurance are stated as to:

  1. Identify and disseminate best practices from within and from outside the university and to act as the change agent in developing quality culture in the University
  2. Implement  the Quality Assurance Policy and procedures for Internal Quality Assurance
  3. Verify compliance to Regulatory and Statutory bodies in development and review of Academic programmes
  4. Conduct Curriculum Review and development workshops on use of Quality Assurance tools and instruments
  5. Coordinate the University responses to regulatory and statutory authorities on various issues
  6. Coordinate the Quality Assurance Board Activities ;
  7. Review and implement the Annual University of Nairobi Quality Assurance Plan.
  8. Conduct Academic Quality audits on university programmes and resources supporting them
  9. Carry out graduate exit surveys
  10. Publish quality assurance papers in high impact journals
  11. Carry out regular website metrics, content management and other ICT related activities
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