Our Services include:

  • Processing of Inter - faculty transfers
  • Processing of applications for admission
  • Secretariat for Annual Academic Calendar/Timetable Preparationaries
  • Processing of exemption and credit transfer
  • Processing of staff education support fund
  • Secretariat services to Senate, Deans committee and ad-hoc committees
  • Safe custody of Senate reports and minutes
  • Recommendation for equation of certificates

Charged services:

  • Credit transfer application - Ksh. 1,000
  • Exemptions application - Ksh. 1,000
  • Staff Education Support Fund (Once a year) - Ksh. 500


All payments are done to the account below:

Bank Name: Absa PLC Kenya

Branch: Absa Towers

Account Name: UON Module I Collection Account

Account Number: 2032770838


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