The Academic Division conducted an online training on postgraduate supervision for supervisors on Wednesday 11th May, 2022 form 9.00am.

The training was graced by Prof. Julius Ogeng’o Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs (AA), and the Academic Registrar.

The training was facilitated by Prof. Justus Munyoki of the Faculty of Business and management Sciences, Prof. Leonidah Kerubo of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Prof. Anastaciah Guantai of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Dr. Caroline Kiptoo of ICTC.

The Participants were supervisors from all the ten Faculties in the University and a total of five hundred and sixty four (564) supervisors registered and attended the training.

Prof. Julius Ogeng’o (Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs) welcomed participants. He outlined the following factors regarding postgraduate supervision:

  1. Completion time is an important part of quality of postgraduate training. Prolonged training beyond stipulated time violates the University regulations. Timely support to the students is part of the procedures that supervisors and administrative units are required to follow.
  2. One of the things observed as we work through data is that our postgraduate students do not finish in time. A very small percentage of PhD students completed within three years.
  3. The PhD and masters programmes are timed. If a student does not complete on time they are deregistered.
  4. Early career supervisors who have just attained their PhD and have been promoted to lecturer need to be shown how to supervise and that is what the training would address.
  5. University has appropriate policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures for research that all supervisors must familiarise themselves with and guide students to consider them and adhere to them.

Prof. Julius Ogeng’o did a presentation on 'Nuggets for Optimizing Graduate Student Supervision'. He noted that the Value of Effective Supervision results in quality, quantity and value of research, it improves confidence and trust of students, increases completion rates, optimizes duration of study and improves stature of candidate, supervisor and university.

Prof. Justus Munyoki presented on 'Managing Supervisor/Student Relationships'.

Prof. Leonida Kerubo presented on 'Effective Supervision; The Role of Supervisee, Supervisor and The University'.

Dr. Caroline Kiptoo, representing the Director ICTC talked about the use of ICT platforms to enhance graduate studies.