The office of the Dean of Students was established in the early 70s and its primarily concerned with students welfare from entry to graduation. The office has had several Deans of Students with the current one being Mr.Johnson Kinyua Ireri having taken over from Dr. Fr. Wamugunda Wakimani D. Within the department there are also Assistant Deans of Students, Counselors, Chaplains and other administrative staff.

The office of the Dean of Students has achieved a lot since its inception; it established and strengthened professional associations, it offers a balanced spiritual environment for all religions to thrive, creates a conducive environment for students and staff with disabilities as well as offer counselling services. It also facilitates internship and employment opportunities for our students.

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Dean of Students

University of Nairobi Main campus

Mahatma Gandhi Wing on the ground floor next to Taifa Hall

Telephone Number: 0204918121