Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know my registration was successful?

After the registration is checked and accepted by the University, you will see the successful registration message in your portal.


How will I connect to the Orientation Programme?

Visit the university website for University orientation programme and your College website for the detailed programme of orientation for your college

- Also follow the University official social media pages for constant updates.


How do I transfer my course?

Write to the academic registrar through the dean/director of your School/faculty/institute and send the letter to the dean/director of your school/faculty/institute requesting to transfer


Can i still use the UON student email even after i have graduated?



How do i access UoN WIFI

Username and password to UoN WIFI is your AD username and password.


Whats the procedure for getting admision letters for module 2 students?

Admission letter are normally posted on the online application portal.


Are you able to create a student email without an admission letter?



What do I do if i have forgotten y university email?

Write to your campus ICT helpdesk. Give all your student details (Name, registration number, programme, faculty)


Whats the procedure for resetting student password?

Write to your campus ICT helpdesk. Give all your details. Once its reset, put a recovery phone and email for password reset.


Can I apply for the Telkom line using the serial number of the waiting card? (a case where one had no ID card)

For those without ID cards/numbers, use birth certificate number to apply for telkom lines/bundle